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Blogger to WordPress: The Painless Way!

We’ve had multiple clients who have decided to make the big leap from Blogger to WordPress. WordPress offers a lot more flexibility and independence, which is why it’s the only platform we work with! However, even with the ‘helpful’ importers and exporters available on both Blogger and WordPress, you can still end up with posts that are a jumbled mess, akin to this. I think we can all agree that Continue reading →

Yes, You CAN Use CSS3 in IE!

For a long time, I’ve been resigned to the idea that I would just have to continue using images to create drop shadows, gradients, and rounded corners in our websites. Yes, CSS3 is out there, and fabulous, but what good is it if IE8 (and older) doesn’t support it? Yesterday, I made a discovery that changed all that. I found CSS3Pie – a script that enables all the fab features Continue reading →

WordPress How-To: Display Category Name Based on Slug

I’ve been developing sites on WordPress for awhile now, and I love it for a number of reasons. It’s fully customizable, has an incredibly intuitive and easy-to-use interface, and the thousands of plugins available pretty much cover all the bases for any functionality you could possibly need. I’ve also been learning lots of nice little tricks for customizing themes. I plan to occasionally post little tutorials describing some of these Continue reading →